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Addici extends and expands business with Grontmij

Addici, now a part of Coor Service Management, extends and expands the cooperation with technical consultant Grontmij. It is a modern and flexible FM-agreement that extends over three years and concerns delivery of integrated FM services. The assignment began December 1, 2012 and applies initially to Grontmij´s offices in Eskilstuna, Stockholm and Malmö.

The services provided by Addici are cleaning, reception, switchboard, conference service, janitorial service, security, FM management, interior design, beverage machines, plants and fruit.

The assignment initially apply to Grontmij's offices in Stockholm, Eskilstuna and Malmö and is worth about 5.5 million annually. The assignment will expand during the coming years to include Grontmij's remaining 22 offices in Sweden. The agreement extends over three years.

"We are very pleased with the increased confidence that Addici get from Grontmij. The agreement also has an interesting development potential in the coming years," says Rikard Wannerholt, CEO Addici.

"The new agreement with Addici focuses on LeanFM and continuous development which is incredibly important to us. Additionally, we will be able to make cost savings, which is another important part", says Lars Pauli, Division Manager Grontmij.

Addici has been acquired by Coor Service Management which is the leading provider of service management in the Nordics. Coor has approximately 6,700 employees, primarily in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark, and has a turnover of about 8,000 MSEK after the acquisition of Addici.

For further information contact:

Rikard Wannerholt, CEO, Addici, + 46 8634 81 42
Per Carlsson, Sales, Addici, +46 8 634 80 35
Lars Pauli, Division Manager, Grontmij, + 46 10 480 00 00 (switchboard)