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Greener services mean a better environment

Every year, Coor conducts extensive environmental audits of the services it delivers in its customers' operations, using Coor Green Services, an environmental tool that is unique to the sector. In 2012, the number of customers achieving gold or silver standard increased, which means these customers improved their environmental performance and reduced their environmental impact.

Coor has conducted environmental audits of those services the company delivers for its customers around the Nordics for the third consecutive year. The environmental audit was conducted using Coor's proprietary environmental tool Coor Green Services. Accreditation is in two standards, gold and silver. Of the 119 sites audited, 34 achieved Coor Green Services Gold (compared to 10 last year) and 77 sites achieved Coor Green Services Silver (compared to 64 last year).

"Getting this award means most of the services we deliver for our customers are executed on an environmentally friendly basis. I'm really pleased that more customers have succeeded in achieving the standards set by our environmental audit. For the year-2013 audit, we'll be making the criteria still more stringent to produce even more environmentally friendly solutions with our customers," commented Ann-Charlotte Vejlö, Coor Green Services' Project Manager.

Coor Green Services is the only comprehensive environmental accreditation system currently available in the sector, which has attracted widespread recognition.

The 34 offices/sites that achieved Coor Green Services Gold in 2012 are:

  • AB Volvo, RM - Sweden
  • AB Volvo, Real Estate - Sweden
  • Coor, Solna - Sweden
  • Ericsson, Jorvas – Finland
  • Ericsson, Kumla – Sweden
  • Ericsson, Borås – Sweden
  • Ericsson, Hudiksvall – Sweden
  • Ericsson, Falun – Sweden
  • Ericsson, Mölndal – Sweden
  • Ericsson, Köpenhamn – Denmark
  • Evry Bergen – Norway
  • Evry, Solna – Sweden
  • Evry, Trondheim – Norway
  • HOK-Elanto pääkaupunkiseutu – Finland
  • HOK-Elanto, Uusimaa – Finland
  • ICA, Helsingborg – Sweden
  • ICA, Solna – Sweden
  • ICA, Sundbyberg – Sweden
  • ICA, Västerås Mimer – Sweden
  • RBS Nordisk Renting – Sweden
  • Ringhals Produktionsservice – Sweden
  • Ringhals Arbetsplatsservice – Sweden
  • Senaatti-kijnteistöt, Kouvola – Finland
  • Skanska Fastigheter, Stockholm – Sweden
  • Skanska, Solna – Sweden
  • Skanska, Malmö – Sweden
  • Skanska, Göteborg – Sweden
  • Skanska Oy, pääkonttori – Finland
  • Skanska, Oslo – Norway
  • Statoil, Harstad – Norway
  • Varma, Flamingo – Finland
  • VR, kijenteistöpalvelut, Itä-Soumi – Finland
  • Vasakronan, Stockholm – Sweden
  • Vasakronan, Uppsala – Sweden

Click for total list, also including the 77 offices/sites that achieved Coor Green Services Silver

For more information, please contact:

Ann-Charlotte Vejlö, Project Manager, Green Services, Coor Service Management
+46 8 553 952 77,

Åsvor Brynnel, Sustainability and Communications Manager, Coor Service Management
+ 46 8 553 954 04,