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Siemens extends master agreement with Coor Service Management

Coor Service Management has signed a new, three-year agreement with Siemens to continue delivering and developing industrial services. This deal has potential yearly sales of SEK 100 m, and applies to Siemens in Sweden and the Netherlands.

Siemens delivers innovative, high-tech solutions in the infrastructure, manufacturing, energy and healthcare sectors. Coor has been in partnership with Siemens since 2009, which means it is responsible for executing, coordinating and developing a raft of services for Siemens in Finspång, Sweden. This agreement is now being extended to cover Siemens' plant in Hengelo, the Netherlands, and will run until year-end 2016.

"We're really pleased that Siemens has decided to stay with us. Our objective has been to develop and tailor our delivery actively to Siemens' changing challenges, and I view this extension as us having succeeded. This has given us the urge to continue this work jointly with our customer," commented Mikael Stöhr, President and CEO, Coor Service Management.

For more information, please contact:

Mikael Stöhr, President and Group CEO, Coor Service Management
+46 8 553 959 35,

Ulf Wretskog, President, Coor Service Management in Sweden
+46 8 553 966 29,

Åsvor Brynnel, Head of Corp. Communications, Coor Service Management
+46 8 553 954 04,