Coor - a leading FM provider in the Nordics

Coor is a leading provider of IFM and FM services in the Nordics, offering all the facility management services necessary for a company or public body to work smoothly and efficiently.

Coor has specialist competence in workplace services, property services and strategic advisory services. Coor’s customer base includes large corporations and small enterprises operating in the private and public sectors. Coor assumes substantial responsibility for its actions in relation to customers, employees, suppliers, and the environment.

Coor's service portfolio - integrated, bundled or single services

Coor's service portfolio is delivered as single services, bundled services or as integrated facility management (IFM) depending on customer needs. Coor has the broadest offering on the market, and has capability to deliver a wide range of services - from solutions in administration, logistics, operating staff restaurants, providing hot drinks, conferencing solutions and cleaning, to property management, technical security solutions, energy optimization and workspace optimization.

Coor has a total portfolio of some 100 services. However, our primary strength is tailoring, developing and leading support service functions in new, more effective ways. By bundling different services from all or some of these service segments, Coor can offer unique, effective and flexible solutions that create business benefit for customers. We call this intelligent service - Service with IQ.

Read more about how we deliver services in this figure from our annual report 2018.

Geographic segments

Coor conducts operations primarily in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Its largest market is Sweden (incl. operations in Belgium), with this business generating 50% of total net sales in the financial year 2018. The Norwegian operation generated 25%, while Denmark provided 18% and Finland 7% of net sales.