Nya Karolinska sjukhuset, NKS

NKS - service to a Hospital of the future

Coor's assignment is to take responsibility for the design, coordination, developing and delivery of a portfolio of hard and soft FM services in and around Stockholm's new flagship teaching hospital, New Karolinska Solna (NKS).

A consortium with Coor as service provider secured the assignment to finance, design and build, as well as operate and maintain, this new flagship teaching hospital until 2040 inclusive. The project will be managed as a PPP (public-private partnership).

Coor's assignment is to take responsibility for the coordination, development and delivery of a portfolio of hard and soft FM services during the contract term. Service delivery has started progressively, from 2012 onwards.

Cost-efficient, environmentally friendly and safe service delivery

Coor's assignment is to design good, quality-assured and cost-efficient service delivery right through the contract term. In order to match the Hospital's high environmental standard, services are also designed to generate the minimum possible environmental impact.

The challenge in this assignment is to be able to manage a large portfolio of services over a long contract term. To be able to guarantee quality and cost-efficiency, and consider changing needs during the contract term, the parties have agreed on clear quality requirements as well as possibilities for regular market testings, and the capacity for modifications. The County Council only pays for the surfaces that function as agreed. Also for additional orders there are agreed price lists.

Innovation and the long view provide security

The combination of Coor being able to influence the construction process and a long contract term means future operation and maintenance of the property will be optimized throughout the Hospital's lifecycle. Services at and around the new hospital will be highly cost-efficient, quality-assured and environmentally friendly throughout the contract term. Examples of solutions that Coor has affected is the advice on flooring that has high resistance and are easily cleaned, locker with sloping planes in order to keep them maximum clean, and higher wall protection that reduces maintenance costs for wall covering.

We’re proud of developing and delivering efficient, safe and sustainable service solutions to a world-class hospital, and to all the people being there.

Anna Jidberg, Contract Manager, Coor