Service with IQ

At Coor, we really believe that service can be intelligent, if the goal of the services work we do is based on generating clear and unequivocal value-added for our customers' core operations.

Service with IQ

Our strength, and what makes us stand out from our competitors, is our capacity to lead and continuously develop and streamline services so they fit our customers changing challenges and requirements. This is what we call intelligence service—SERVICE with IQ, which creates unique, flexible and value-creating solutions.

SERVICE with IQ is service that provides clear and unequivocal value for our customers' core operations. This might involve overhauling the processes for servicing machinery to increase production capacity, or creating a new laundry system at a hospital, to provide better care. Or realigning mail management routines to suit office staff better.

The benefit of intelligent service

So what does this mean for our customers? Well, we optimize services so they support your business optimally. We provide you with tailored and flexible service delivery, which can be scaled up or down easily, keeping pace with your operations. View us as part of your operation, or an extra gear to use as you need. Eventually, our services will help your company or organization get more competitive and efficient. It might sound presumptious, but it's no coincidence that our customer base includes sector leaders like AB Volvo, Skanska, Det Norske Veritas, Ericsson and CGI. Intelligent companies and organizations need intelligence services—SERVICE with IQ.

AnnaCarin Grandin
President & CEO