Value adding service provider

Coor can help make your operation more productive, attractive, efficient and sustainable. Coor's operations are permeated by long-term experience, a clear customer orientation, strong service culture and a clear focus on improvements and innovations.

High service standards

Coor offers services at a level above traditional service suppliers. We’re not satisfied by just delivering and coordinating services for our customers. For us, it's also about exploiting synergies and economies of scale, fine-tuning processes and systems, as well as leading people and creating commitment. We are always trying hard to find new and better solutions, and to adapt our solutions to your challenges and ever changing needs.

Continuous improvements and innovative service solutions

Coor integrates thorough competence in the services delivered with a strong service professionalism and the ambition to continuously improve ourselves and our delivery. All Coor employees are involved in identifying and actively presenting improvement proposals through a systematic improvement process. In addition to this, a structured innovation process helps us to improve our service solutions, making them the forefront of development. Our ambition is to be first with the latest.

Digital enhanced services

Being at the forefront also includes understanding the new possibilities based on new technology. We therefore aim to improve and simplify the services delivered, as well as combining new technology with the existing service operations in order to create a platform for new services benefiting our customers. Read more about our digital enhanced services here.