Three new Coor people

When a business or public body decides to outsource its FM services to an external provider, the affected staff are often offered employment with the new FM company. But how does changing employer feel? Three employees that have recently started working for Coor tell their story.

Anette MøllerAnette Møller

... 58, Assistant at Coor’s National Office at Birkerød, Denmark.


Started at Coor in June 2008, when Coor took over SAS Facility Management. Coor delivers property operations, workplace services and administration to SAS in Denmark.

What was your experience of the transfer to Coor?

I’d been a SAS employee for 36 years, so I was obviously tense and full of expectation. However I consciously chose to take a positive view of the transfer, as a challenge and an opportunity to develop. I think I encountered friendliness and interest from Coor people. In the first year I put a lot of time aside for introducing Coor within SAS. Then I requested to join Business Support at Coor’s Denmark office in Birkerød.

Can you tell us what happened at contract start?

Everyone that was starting at Coor was invited to a breakfast and presentation where we were able to ask questions. We also got a rucksack and Code of Conduct each, as well as other corporate information. Uniforms were also distributed to the people that need to wear Coor’s logo. Management remained on-site for the rest of the day, going round and talking to staff, so we got an opportunity to ask more questions if we had any.

What’s it like working for Coor now?

I really like working at Coor and felt welcome from day one. I like the flexibility to be able to plan my working day myself – although obviously within a set framework. I’ve got a laptop and mobile, which means that physically, I can work two days at the office in Birkerød and two days at the SAS officer at Amager – and I keep my Fridays open. I’m satisfied with my duties, which vary and allow me to develop. I also feel like I’ve got a big network within Coor in Denmark – very much thanks to me acting as a ‘mobile switchboard’ for a time.

Katrine EllefsenKatrine Ellefsen

... 35, Service Leader at Statoil’s Harstad office, Norway.


Started at Coor in 2009, when it was assigned to take on FM and administrative services for Statoil at Harstad (Norway). Services include property operations, janitor services, restaurant, reception, mail and cleaning.

What was your experience of the transfer to Coor?

The transferred to Coor went very smoothly and well. We had a good dialogue with operational development staff at Coor’s Høvik office right from when we heard the news that Coor had got the Harstad assignment. The updates from Coor centrally were very good, and we were well prepared for our new duties and what was expected of us.

How do you think the customer’s people experienced the change?

The customer’s people didn’t notice any great difference, apart from us having new uniforms. The customer (Statoil) didn’t want us to make a big deal of it all initially for service users (Statoil staff). What was most important for them was that the staff was the same, and that we got good terms and conditions with our new company. However, we started to run a change project fairly quickly which resulted in changes to working methods and provision. The outcome has been a very positive response from the customer’s people and our contacts at Statoil. I think that everyone in the building has got a very good impression of Coor.

What’s it like working for Coor now?

I’m really enjoying working for Coor and the whole organisation has made a very positive impression on me. The working environment here at Coor Harstad is very good and we have a good collaboration with the customer’s people. This brings a great sense of well-being and I enjoy going to work every day.

Hans IsakssonHans Isaksson (”Isak”)

... 59, is a technician serving several customers on contracts on site at Solna, Sweden.


I started with Coor on 1 October 2009, when Coor took over Jones Lang Lasalle’s property operations in Stockholm, Malmö and Växjö, Sweden.

What was your experience of the transfer to Coor?

Just before the transfer I didn’t feel so positive, because I thought I’d need to change job. I thought that Coor mostly did office services and that I would need to work a lot on that. When Guy Drottler (Contract Manager), Johnny Molén (Property Manager) and some other Coor people came and introduced themselves, I realised that Coor was also good at property services, and that I’d be able to keep working as a technician. Their presentation of the operation was good and gave me a new picture of Coor.

What happened the day the contract started?

We got a positive reception from the managers and central business area staff. They made a detailed presentation of the region, Coor’s working methods and how we would be working with tenants. We also each got a Coor rucksack, new uniforms and then sat down for some cake.

How do you think customers and their tenants experienced the contract start?

Tenants didn’t notice any big difference apart from our new uniforms. Because one of the properties I work in houses a Coor office, there were a lot of Coor people that started to say hello because I also work for Coor. My duties are more or less the same, but I now do more with tenants such as changing lightbulbs and other services.