"Is it good for the environment? Absolutely!"

Many businesses and organizations now adopt a pronounced environmental profile, and Coor’s customers are no exception. In order to develop and safeguard our environmental initiatives, in our own business and on behalf of our customers, Coor uses a unique environmental evaluation tool — Coor Green Services.

In order to successfully implement environmental initiatives it’s necessary to take a structured approach. Coor Green Services is an effective evaluation tool used to map business operations and to pinpoint potential for improvement from an environmental perspective. Karin Sparr is one of Coor’s Contract Managers and thinks the tool works well.

“When our customers outsource their services to us, we don’t only assume responsibility for providing these services, but also for developing and improving them. We’re committed to proactively proposing new solutions that generate cost savings, improve quality or limit environmental impact,” commented Karin Sparr.

In 2013, Karin and her colleagues completed six environmental audits using the Coor Green Services tool. An audit means that all services included in the delivery are examined. Each service is assigned a number of environmental criteria that generate different scores.

“We visit every site to audit our service provision, and to interview representatives of staff and suppliers. This gives us an accurate view of the current position and a solid basis for making concrete proposals aimed at improving the environmental measures we propose to our customers,” continued Karin Sparr.

An example of this kind of measure is that the cars Coor uses in its deliveries are subject to restrictions in fuel consumption, and can only be driven by account managers trained in fuel-efficient driving. Other examples are that the default setting on our photocopiers must be double-sided printing, that the paper used should carry environmental certification and that the coffee is fair trade. Cleaning services are subject to guidelines relating to chemicals use. There are many measures, and taken together they can have a major impact on a company’s environmental work.

This year, 125 sites were reviewed using Coor Green Services tool. Sites that achieve a score of 69 are given a silver award, and a score of 80 entitles the company to a gold award. Following the 2013 audit, 69 sites were awarded the Coor Green Services Silver award and 25 sites Coor Green Services Gold.

“Coor reviews the criteria each year and adjusts the score levels. They should be challenging but not impossible to achieve. I think customers who receive these awards should be proud. It requires making active choices and decisions,” concluded Karin Sparr.

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