SmartMove—the high-tech way to move

Coor launched its SmartConcepts product series towards the end of last year, comprising four of Coor’s most popular proprietary concepts. An additional concept is now being introduced, SmartMove, aimed at facilitating the administration connected with relocation.

The old physical change-of-address cards are being abandoned in favor of the digital service SmartMove, which is now being launched by one of Coor's customers.

"SmartMove is an up-to-date and intelligent way to manage relocation that's come at just the right time, particularly for activity-based work stations. It's hard to keep track of people with traditional change-of address cards, as they're not moving to a specific location but perhaps only to a certain section of an office," commented Eric Barclay, Project Manager at Coor Group.

Alongside the other smart systems in the product series, such as mail management system SmartFlow, the customer is able to control all office services so that they're up and running from day one after relocation. The system is cloud-based, so there's no complicated installations, and the information is easily updated by the customer.

"Many larger customers may move several times a year, but not all the relocations are physical; some are merely administrative. This makes it even more important that information is linked to the right person, to the right cost center and the right location."

Other advantages of the system include that it's easy to produce reports and that changes are traceable. Of course it also saves times when customers don't have to complete change-of-address cards.

"If a company makes a thousand relocations each year this takes up a great deal of administrative time. We've seen a customer need and created a system that makes life easier for organizations with frequent relocations and a high degree of mobility, and where information about staff location is a factor," commented Eric Barclay.

SmartMove will now be launched by one of Coor's larger customers in a major internal relocation affecting 15,000 employees. Ahead of the move, 250 of the customer's staff were trained in using the system. Coor has also hosted information meetings and produced training documentation.

"We're following up the launch with an open-house event where we'll answer questions and receive feedback from the customer's staff. However, the strength of the system lies in its simplicity, it's intuitive and easy to understand and learn."

SmartMove is the fifth concept to be included in Coor's Smart Concepts family. The aim is for the family to grow continuously. Coor has established an innovation forum with specialists and Contract Managers where ideas can be presented and discussed.

"We've gathered together expertise from across the organization which works alongside customers and has its finger on the market's pulse. This enables us to source new ideas and aspects in need of further development, making our customers' and our working day a little easier," concluded Eric Barclay.