We’re in for the long haul

What are the key factors in the procurement process? And what do you, as client, need in order to extend an established partnership with your current supplier? In short—what’s necessary to achieve a long-term, sustainable supplier relationship?

Having taken part in numerous negotiations, I know that there's no simple answer to this question. However, I think I know enough to dare to propose an explanation: at each single moment of the procurement process we need to provide the best offering possible, one that satisfies the client's most important demands and needs at that moment.

This means that we, as supplier, need to understand what the key factors are for our customers in each individual tender, and demonstrate that we can meet these requirements. Naturally, pricing is an important factor in all negotiations, but price alone is rarely the deciding factor. For some customers, excellent systems and processes are important. For others, health, safety and working environment are crucial. Yet others appreciate our high level of environmental advice, while some consider that sound supplier monitoring is critical. Sometimes it's simply key that we can show that we're a responsible employer that offers scope for development.

The focus varies and as a supplier we can never rest on our laurels. It's crucial that we remain responsive and flexible, and that we continuously try to develop our business and delivery in order to win new assignments and retain our existing contracts. A corporate culture that values innovation and strong ideas is central to our success.

In this issue of Nova you'll be reading about one of our new innovations—Coor SmartMove. We'll also be looking at sustainability and how we as a supplier take responsibility for our business and how we can help you, the client. Welcome to a sustainable issue of Nova. And welcome to service provider where the focus is on long-term, sustainable customer relations.

Mikael Stöhr
President and CEO, Coor Service Management

P.S. If you'd like to discuss our solutions or have a suggestion about what we can do to deliver even better service, drop me an email and we can have lunch in one of our eco-labeled restaurants. It's on me.