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The market's most complete Facility Management offering

Coor is one of the Nordics' leading suppliers of FM (facility management) services, with the market's broadest service offering. We have leading specialist competences in more than one hundred service areas that we continuously develop, improve and adapt to your needs.

Customized FM solutions

All our facility management services are carried out in and around our customers' premises and properties (on site). Our joint processes ensure that we work in a structured and controlled manner, which provides our customers with reliable, effective and sustainable solutions that increase productivity and attractiveness.

Coor currently collaborates with many small and large operations in the private and public sector throughout the Nordics. Depending on need, we offer individual services and packaged solutions containing multiple simultaneous services. We combine expertise in a range of areas with the ability to effectively control and manage a number of services systematically. We have well-documented experience of this-we are the largest integrated facility management provider for customers with complex needs in the Nordics. Read more about Coor's packaged solutions here

Smart, sustainable cutting-edge solutions 

What distinguishes Coor from other companies in our sector is our drive to continuously improve operations and our FM delivery. We have a strong continuous improvement culture and a structured innovation process. Read more about our development work here.

We assume a high degree of responsibility for the services we deliver and their social and environmental impact. In order to reduce the environmental burden, we've developed a proprietary environmental audit tool, Coor Green Services, that helps us engage in qualified customer dialogue about future improvements in the environmental sphere. Read more about Green Service solutions here, and for more information about our sustainability work.

We also try to capitalize on the opportunities provided by new technology. Find out more about our digitally based service solutions here. We've collated our most popular new technology solutions in the Smart Solutions series. Read more about it here.

A comprehensive facility management offering

We offer all the services required for a workplace or property to run smoothly and effectively. Our facility management services can be divided into seven larger service areas: