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Cutting-edge cleaning services-meet our cleaning robots

Cleaning methods, chemicals, materials, technical solutions and cleaning robots are undergoing rapid development. Coor continuously monitors progress, and our structured innovation and improvement processes allow us to guarantee continuously cutting-edge cleaning applications.

Coor focuses sharply on innovation and improvement. Technical solutions are currently accessible and economical enough to be applied to a range of areas. In our cleaning operations, we continuously test new robots and cleaning machines, as well as sensors for measuring air particles etc.

Modern support systems for cleaning operations

Coor currently uses modern support systems for the planning and distribution of floor space and quality controls. We also use modern technical aids to measure the time required to complete various assignments in practice, and use this information to continuously optimize our delivery.

Continuous evaluation of various cleaning robots

Coor is proud to be the first operator to test and launch new cleaning robots. Some of the cleaning robots we're currently testing include:

SwingoBot 1650—the first professional floor scrubbing machine

SwingoBot 1650 is used in our service delivery for Volvo Cars. The robot is intended for large and easy-to-clean spaces such as sports halls, warehouses or shopping malls. It includes leading-edge functionality such as touch screen, remote diagnostics and reporting, human and obstacle detection and stair sensors.

Taski Aerobot 1850—the first professional robotic floor vacuuming machine

Our Taski Aerobot 1850, “Jim” is a cleaning robot for public spaces with driverless functionality. 16 sensors “see” 360 degrees around the robot, making it safe for its surroundings. It can also stop in 0.48 seconds, faster than human reaction speeds. The robot consistently carries out daily floor cleaning routines and can clean up to 1,000 m2 per hour.