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Cleaning solutions according to INSTA 800 and other sector standards

Structured working methods, uniform implementation and a sharp environmental focus ensure efficient and long-term sustainable cleaning solutions. We have extensive experience of INSTA 800, but also apply simpler quality systems.

Quality certification for cleaning operations

Coor's operations have ISO 9001 quality certification. We also hold Almega cleaning services certification in Sweden.

Our numerous cleaning assignments mean that we have extensive experience of carrying out cleaning in compliance with Nordic quality standard INSTA 800. We have also developed a proprietary INSTA-based standard we've termed CAT (Cleaning Assessment Tool)-a modified version of INSTA 800-that is currently used by many of our smaller customers. Compared to INSTA 800, this system is a little easier to get up and running and use in practice.

For frequency-based cleaning, we've also developed an in-house quality system, based on proprietary controls a well as quality reviews alongside customers.

Extensive environmental initiatives

All Coor's operations carry ISO 14001 environmental certification. A high proportion of the Swedish cleaning operations also carry Svanen environmental certification.

Coor is also able to review the environmental standard of its cleaning delivery with the aid of proprietary environmental tool Coor Green Services. This tools allows us to review chemical products, materials, machinery and travel, amongst other things. The results of the review are then presented to the customer and form the basis of a joint discussion regarding measures aimed at improving environmental performance.