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Conference facilities

Coor has extensive experience operating conference facilities, both as an internal service under existing customer assignments, and in proprietary conference facilities. Our goal is always to optimize the customer experience by delivering great service before, during and after your meeting or conference.

Conferences and meetings in our customers' premises

Coor is responsible for a large number of internal conference centers in our customers' premises. We keep up-to-date with regard to the latest technology, and are happy to suggest innovative solutions for screens, communication solutions and other technical equipment. If required, we can also provide meeting equipment, which means that the customer does not need to invest in new technology and buys an effective rental solution from us - Coor SmartMeetings.

We always adapt our services to our customers' needs and specific conditions, although our meeting and conference services usually include the following:

  • Administration of bookings/reservations, food and drink, technical assistance, interior furnishings, etc.
  • Preparing meeting and conference rooms and associated areas 
  • Stocking consumables in meeting and conference rooms 
  • Maintenance of AV equipment 
  • Technical support and information for service users of AV equipment 
  • Rearranging furniture in meeting and conference rooms

From experience, we know that food and beverages is an important part of the conference experience, and maintain an active dialogue with our customers regarding developing our offering. The goal is to provide a broad-based, fresh and contemporary offering on the basis of individual customer requirements. We are independent of suppliers, but if possible, we like to provide the delivery in partnership with our proprietary restaurants as this generates advantages for the customer.

Is occupancy low in your internal meeting rooms? We can help you market available capacity to external guests.

Coor Conference-climate smart conference facilities in major cities
Coor also operates public conference facilities in Stockholm, Gothenburg and, from 2018, in Uppsala. All our conference facilities are in strategic locations and offer stimulating and inspiring environments, creating memorable meetings. Proximity to good public transport means that participants minimize travel time and maximize conference time, which is environmentally friendly and efficient. We are also pleased to offer the opportunity to choose climate offset meetings, which is appreciated by many guests.

Our conference facilities are flexible, and we have appropriate spaces for large and small groups alike. With excellent service, leading-edge equipment and our substantial commitment, we frame and strengthen the aim and purpose of your meetings. We see every booking as a vote of confidence that we want to manage optimally-always with a warm greeting and a smile.

Coor's staff enhance your experience

Coor places considerable emphasis on our customers well-being while in the conference locations we manage, regardless of whether in our own or the customers' premises. The conference staff are committed to good service, and always go the extra mile for our guests and customers. All staff complete our proprietary training program, Coor Service School and Starquality Service, to ensure a shared vision of what constitutes excellent service and customer interface.