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The market's most advanced concept for food and beverages

Coor is one of the Nordics' largest suppliers of food and beverages services. We provide complete and modern solutions, fully customized according to our customers' tastes and needs.

We know food and drink 

With Coor delivering your food and drink services, you get access to a driven, knowledgeable and occasionally demanding partner. Our food and drink offering is leading edge. All our services always focus on the overall experience — including raw materials, food preparation, exposure, packaging, presentation, service flows and the environment. Food and drink should be a source of pleasure — for the eye and for the palate.

Coor’s food and drink segment is expanding. We currently operate more than 140 staff restaurants and public lunch restaurants, serve more than 5,000 cups of coffee every day, and deliver some 1,500 tons of fruit annually to workplaces throughout the Nordics. This makes us one of the biggest restaurant operators in the region.

Customized solutions in food and drink

We have close to 20 years’ experience of delivering solutions for small and large customers throughout the Nordics, and are not satisfied with delivering standard solutions. We want to get to know you, the customer, and design our services around your specific needs.

Coor provides many of its food and drink services in house, but also collaborates with market-leading suppliers, for example in coffee and fruit delivery. This places us in a unique position to provide customized solutions that give staff and visitors a positive experience in our restaurants and conference premises, provide them with daily fruit and drink deliveries in the workplace, and access to vending machines with customized product offerings. 

Control and planning ensures efficiency and high quality

Coor follows carefully considered processes to ensure that all food and drink we serve is of the highest standard. We use shared systems for purchasing and menu planning, which ensures efficiency and economies of scale. Controlled purchasing also means that we can guarantee that our raw materials satisfy the demands placed on them. We actively seek to use a high proportion of fair trade products, and do not serve Red List fish in any of our restaurants. 

Advanced services in food and drink

Coor is a complete partner that offers attractive solutions in food and drink. Our most popular services are: