vending machine

Vending machines with a customized offering

Coor's vending machines allow your staff to buy good food, snacks and drinks whenever they want. We collaborate with the most established suppliers on the market, and customize the offering based on individual customer needs. Coor is a market leader in health consciousness and we offer healthy salads and alternatives as part of our standard solution.

Total responsibility for your vending machines

As part of Coor's total commitment, and in collaboration with the customer, we produce proposals for vending machines and customized product ranges. We assume responsibility for continuously stocking machines, routine maintenance, technical support, corrective measures and replacing faulty machines. We collaborate with leading suppliers of vending machines which, in combination with our size, means that we can offer advantageous terms. We can also provide attractive financing solutions where required.

Continuously improved offering

Coor continuously monitors new products on the market and actively suggests potential changes to the product range according to new trends and findings. For example, the option of healthy snacks with a high energy content is becoming increasingly popular.

Vending machines with different payment solutions

Vending machines usually require employees to pay for food themselves. Coor offers the possibility of payment via debit or credit card, or by mobile phone, but also provides the option of a unique card linked to salary or various apps. For customers who require it, we can also offer the possibility of payment through employee pass cards. There is a range of different payment options, and together we find the optimum solution.