Damage control and repair

Any site can be affected by fire, flooding, water incursion, hazardous waste omission, mould, vermin or burglary. Such damage requires management by damage control and repair specialists, which Coor offers.

We have lots of experience and substantial competence, assisting corporations, insurance companies and private individuals in an effective, professional manner.

We take overall responsibility

We get down to work quickly, securing the site against further consequential losses, and deal with factors including other interior damage. We clean up the affected site, whether the damage is caused by water, fire, sewage, oil, paraffin or other sources. We also have extensive experience of asbestos removal. Once the clean-up phase is complete, we conduct full-scale restoration and repair.

Safe and sure processing

We execute specialist damage control assignments compliant with applicable regulations and standards governing management, equipment and documentation.

24-hour service

Accidents never take vacations, so our service is available around the clock, every day of the year.

Skadegruppen - damage service in Norway

In Norway, our damage service business is conducted under the sub brand "Skadegruppen". To find out more about this business, please visit their specific website.