Professional project development

Coor have many years' experience of managing small or large-scale development projects such as tenant adaptations, installations and relocations, but also early-stage involvement in new construction projects that set high standards on an overall, life-cycle perspective. Coor possesses competent project managers with experience of most sectors.

Long-term experience allied to broad-based competence

We can provide our customers with experienced project managers for tenant adaptations and installation projects in construction, electrical power, telecom, water and wastewater, ventilation, cooling, control and monitoring.

Some of the development projects we frequently participate in:

  • Conversions
  • Extensions
  • Installations
  • Refurbs
  • Relocations

Many of our project managers are dedicated to specific accounts, others are appointed as required, and also deliver their services externally.

New construction projects with a life-cycle perspective (such as PPPs)

Early involvement in new construction projects enables high-quality, long-term, cost-efficient and sustainable service solutions. Our involvement in most of the PPPs tendered in Sweden and Norway means Coor has more experience in the project management, construction and management phases of buildings than any other Nordic service management provider. The largest PPP Coor is participating in now is the construction of the NKS (Nya Karolinska Solna) teaching hospital in Solna, near Stockholm, the largest construction project currently ongoing in Europe.