Energy, Coor

Systematic energy optimization and rationalization

Using our unique, tried-and-tested methodology, we help our customers optimize their energy consumption, which means lower cost and a better environment. Coor offers specialist advice and can help on anything from creating a vision and setting customer-specific goals to the execution of energy-conservation measures and final measurement.

A unique goal-oriented energy optimization methodology

Effective energy work is only possible by measuring correctly, and following up on statistics, analyzing and rectifying errors and refining our working methods, processes and partnerships. Coor has developed its own methodology that supports customers' energy optimization work. This methodology is highly systematic and promotes clarity in the customer's energy targets, as well as setting standards for how Coor works to achieve the goals set.

Big savings

Energy costs often represent at least half of the operating expenses of an office, and some 70% of the operating expenses of industrial premises. This means there's a lot more savings to be made by working long term and systematically optimizing technical plants, and collaborating with end-users.

Specialist consulting

Coor has market-leading energy expertise, and offers specialist consulting services in several segments:

  • Strategic formulation of visions and goals for the environment, energy and costs.
  • Energy optimization of existing plant in terms of the environment, energy or cost.
  • Energy rationalization of plant through specific energy projects.
  • Monitoring energy consumption and reporting environmental impact.

Energy services—a natural part of service delivery

By Coor assuming full responsibility end to end in the real estate management process or industrial services for many of our customers, we gain natural opportunities to create value for our customers. We achieve this by on-site staff capturing information and data about purchased energy on a continuous basis, before and after potential actions. The effects of the measures customers have decided to take in consultation with our experts are then measured daily. The high synergies between Coor's real estate and energy services offer us an opportunity to make our customers a highly competitive offering to save in environmental, cost and energy terms.

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