Professional technical management

Coor currently manages some 10,000,000 sq.m. of buildings and 5,000,000 sq.m. of land, which makes us one of the largest technical managers Nordic wide.

In-depth know-how and experience

We possess in-depth knowledge and long-term experience of the management and maintenance of most types of real estate including offices, manufacturing plants, schools, hospitals and shopping centers. Our customers, landlords and/or tenants, are active across a raft of sectors, and we tailor our operation and maintenance strategy to their varying needs and circumstances.

Control—right through life-cycles

We apply our tried-and-tested start-up concept to new management and maintenance contracts, which cover all the key areas of a delivery. We put a sharp focus on understanding the contract, the customer's goals and needs, as well as the structure and condition of the facility, so we can produce management and maintenance plans quickly. Our consistent ambition is to view the plant from a life-cycle perspective, so the plans we produce have a lifetime at least equal to contract term, but often far longer.

All buildings and equipment, and the associated management and maintenance activities, are entered in a maintenance system for processing work orders and following up on them. This enables us to ensure effective planning and high-quality execution of all activities and to analyze and follow up on the milestone events and KPIs of the delivery.

Broad-based and in-depth competence in the right place at the right time

Most of the management and maintenance work we do is through our own staff, who can either be dedicated to a specific plant or real estate oriented in another way geographically. This generates good know-how and experience of the real estate we manage and a fast response time when faults occur and must be rectified. Our management and maintenance experts are also on hand during the contract term to support our on-site resources as required. We also partner with carefully selected subcontractors to bring still greater security to cost-efficiency.