Office machines

We manage office machines for major accounts with varying needs throughout the Nordics, taking responsibility for everything from finance, through installation, operation and remedial maintenance of equipment like multifunction machines, copiers, audiovisual equipment and shredders.

As for Coor's other services, we tailor our solutions based on the customer's individual circumstances and special needs. Some of our major accounts include group-wide lease contracts for multifunction machines, for example, where Coor does not take on responsibility for machine finance, but for operation and maintenance, and the supply of consumables.

Far-reaching overall responsibility

Coor is often the customer's exclusive partner for office machines. This means Coor takes overall responsibility for machinery including procurement and finance, optimizing machine inventories, as well as management, servicing and maintenance. Usually, the office machines service includes responsibility for maintaining optimal machine inventories with high quality standards for the customer. We also provide services such as refilling printer toner and paper. Some customers also want us to rectify standard user errors, such as paper jams.

A pricing model for lower cost and a better environment

To simplify administrating multifunction machines for our customers and cut TCO, Coor has formulated a model that means the customer pays a unit price for each print. This pricing, which bundles in all cost types, is multiplied by actual usage, offering the customer complete cost transparency. It also provides the customer's staff with an incentive to reduce printing volumes, and thus cut paper consumption, helping reduce their environmental impact. Many of Coor's customers have cut their office machinery costs sharply after introducing our unit pricing model.