Office supplies

Office supplies involve Coor purchasing and refilling traditional office materials (pens, pads, binders, etc.), toner and printer paper at the customer's premises. Coor has substantial experience in this segment—we manage office supplies at over 65 sites across the Nordics.

Optimized office supplies

The purpose of office supplies is to provide Coor's customers with the consumables their people need every day. The following are normally part of the service:

  • Creating product ranges
  • Purchasing, storing and refilling office materials, toner and paper
  • Optimizing inventories and stationery cupboards
  • Producing the necessary statistics
  • Other administration (purchasing big ticket items, updating price lists, stocktaking, ordering seasonal items, etc).

Standard stationery ranges

Coor creates standard stationery cupboard ranges in consultation with the customer, for people to take directly from cupboards. Coor takes responsibility for topping up cupboards, thus optimizing inventories and capital tied-up. To keep costs down, Coor recommends not maintaining inventories of big ticket items, but rather, ordering from a service portal, or through a dedicated process. The number of cupboards is based on customers' operational needs, but Coor always works continuously towards serving as many users as possible per cupboard.

Printer accessories

Coor usually delivers office paper and toner directly to the relevant photocopying room, or where the customer has its network printers located.

Caring for the environment

We recommend our customers use environmental office materials and printer paper, and a growing number of customers are taking us up on this.