Receptionist service management | Coor

Professional reception services

Reception is one of the services Coor delivers most frequently. Often, the basic function of the reception service is to greet visitors, make them feel welcome and prevent unauthorized access to the customer's premises.

Coor possesses very good experience and in-depth competence in reception services. We always proceed from the customer's individual needs when we design solutions and develop the service as well and efficiently as possible.

Usually, the reception serves as an information centre for visitors and customers' staff, who can get help up on services including:

  • Receiving visitors
  • Storing luggage and coats
  • Issuing tickets etc.
  • Ordering taxis
  • Ordering newspapers and brochures
  • Directions
  • Information on services available at the office
  • Information on who to contact on various issues

Encounters and attitudes make a big difference

Receptions are the customers' outward face to visitors and inwardly to the customer's staff. Often, reception is the first encounter a visitor has, and is where visitors get their first impression of a company. It's vital that reception, and the people staffing it, reflect the company's desired image and policy. This isn't just about looking right, but first and foremost, about people's conduct and service-mindedness.

High levels of service through physical service centers

Coor often operates a separate service centre on large accounts with high service standards, which primarily serve the customer's people only. They are separate from the reception, and where staff can report errors directly or get help on services including renewing ID cards (ordering, photography and issue), and managing keys, parking permits, borrowing phones, assistance on photocopying or signing up for keep-fit sessions.