State-of-the-art telephone operator service

Coor possesses huge experience of telephone operator service solutions for customers of varying sizes. Our objective is to identify optimal solutions to connect internal and external calls during office hours, effectively and professionally.

We connect over 31,000 calls to a total of 100,000 service users every day, which means we have massive competence in the segment. We are fully aware how operators are our customer's interface with the world, and that it's crucial that they create the best first impression. This service frequently includes the following duties:

  • Staffing telephone switchboards during office hours
  • Connecting internal and external calls
  • Voicemail service (managing voice messages)
  • Connecting conference and international calls
  • Updating customers' internal phone directories
  • Statistical reporting (sometimes used for billing data)

Tailored solutions

On occasion, Coor's staff work on the customer's switchboard, on site with the customer, answering calls. In such cases, the service is often bundled with our telephone operator service to reduce the total cost (TCO).

For other customers, Coor operates a single central telephone switchboard, where we also deliver the underlying technology, with customers sharing the switchboard, back-end system and staff. Obviously, all incoming calls are answered personally, and each company has a unique phone number. This working method brings economies of scale, and for customers, it means a cost-efficient and professional delivery.

Continuous measurement

Regardless of solution, Coor continuously measures its delivery by reporting relevant information such as incoming calls, call profiles through the day, answering times, connection times and dropped calls. Building on this, we maintain an ongoing dialogue with customers regarding potential changes to our delivery.

Contact us for an initial discussion on how our telephone operator service can support you going forward.


Our switchboard operations in Sweden has been awarded "SM i Telefoni", which means best in class, for a several years and in several classes. This operation is also awarded the sector organisation Kontakta´s marking Customer Contacts Excellence ("Trygg Kundkontakt"). This is a quality certification for companies with excellent customer service and/or telemarketing delivery, and which provide a good working environment.