Smart office workplace management services | Coor

Workspace Management

Coor possesses leading workspace management competencies. Based on recent research and our own experiences, we support our customers in designing attractive, productive, innovative and more sustainbable workplaces, supporting their core services optimally.

From our experience most businesses can cut their costs a lot by optimizing the use of their workspaces, and at the same time increase both employee satisfaction and workforce productivity.

Expert advisory services for effective premises

Effective workspaces are not only optimized in terms of space, but also support operational needs. Our expertise in this segment helps our customers plan and design premises for effective working methods, while simultaneously making people healthier and more satisfied. By utilizing research and actual experience, we help create attractive, productive and innovative workspaces.

Smart solutions for the Smart office

A smart office is all about understanding and embracing the new standards of a more agile and interconnected workforce. Then you have to find the right balance between office space, new technology, tailored services and a holistic long-term perspective. Let us show you how it works at our Smart Office website. At Coor, we have developed a range of smart service solutions based on new technology, which you can find here. One of them is Coor SmartUtilization, which is a system for measuring the utilization of space in real time. Wireless sensors respond to body heat in a space, transmitting data that can be presented visually in time and space in a web-based analysis tool. The analysis tool has pre-defined KPIs and charts for analysis, providing objective decision-support data for optimizing the workspace. Read more about Coor SmartUtilization here.

Excellence in furnishings and relocation

We assume responsibility for a range of services designed to create attractive and smoothly functioning workspaces for customers. Services include:

  • Needs analyses, occupancy measurements and premises planning
  • Acquiring and closing down premises
  • Tenant representation for lease contract issues
  • Preparing premises plans
  • Purchasing, assembling, adjusting and locating furnishings
  • Purchasing and caring for plants
  • Planning and responsibility for relocating furniture, equipment and fixtures and fittings

Massive experience of different sectors

Coor currently delivers workspace management services to many of the largest corporations in the Nordics and several public bodies. Our deliveries include furnishing services for over 50 offices and relocations at over 100 office sites.