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Integrated Facility Management (IFM)

From the outset, Coor's operations have focused on complex, integrated service solutions, and we are the market leader in the IFM segment in the Nordics.

Coor assumes responsibility for designing attractive and smart offices, and provides support services for staff. Coor is a market leader in developing smart buildings, including delivery of effective property services that optimize the value of a building over time. We also act as a strategic advisor to many customers on complex issues relating to the design and control of workplaces. We call this complete service offering Integrated Facility Management (IFM).

A smart office is tailor-made for its employees

Coor's SmartOffice concept is based on designing office space according to the needs of the employees that work there, in order to optimize working methods and meet staff needs. When implemented correctly, smart offices contribute to attracting new talent, increasing productivity and creating a more sustainable office space. The premises can be used more efficiently, which generates cost savings by reducing need for office space. New technology is increasingly used to streamline office environments and service delivery. Coor adapts its delivery of workplace services according to the individual needs, design and quality specifications of the office environment.

Coor has extensive experience in the field of workplace solutions across a range of sectors. You can find out more about our SmartOffice concept here.

Smart buildings are optimized across the entire life cycle

80% of a building's total cost and environmental impact arises during the management phase, i.e. after construction. Coor's SmartBuildings concept is based on ensuring that a building reaches its full potential throughout its life cycle, at minimum cost and environmental impact. This is achieved by ensuring cost effective operations that use a high degree of new technology and with an environmental focus, for example by providing environmental certification for the entire service delivery. A SmartOffice is also attractive to employees as the indoor climate is optimized, all technical installations are optimized to ensure minimal downtime, and associated office services are tailored to the employees' needs.

Coor is a leading provider of property management solutions in the Nordics. You can read more about our property solutions based on the SmartBuildings concept here, to find out more about the services we offer, click here.

Strategic advice supports complex FM

The facility management sector is broad and complex, and there are multiple and challenging strategic matters where the need for external expertise is considerable. Coor has substantial internal advisory expertise in a number of areas:

  • Coor Advisory Services helps customers analyze, plan and implement their future workplaces.
  • We have extensive experience of energy advice and systematic energy initiatives across a range of sectors 
  • Coor has unique competences in technical security, and a proprietary technical platform 
  • We also provide advice through more general outsourcing discussions, in cases where an organization requires support at different junctures


The Nordic market leader in IFM

Coor is the largest provider of major, complex IFM deliveries in the Nordics. We have assisted many large organizations in the Nordics to improve and harmonize their FM delivery, generating substantial quality gains. We have access to extensive expertise that we are happy to share. Feel free to contact us for an initial discussion.