Property Solutions (Smart Buildings)

The life span of a buildings is several decades, sometimes even centuries. This means that more than 80% of the total cost and environmental impact of a building arises after it has become operational, i.e. during the facility management phase.

This is also the period when the full value of a building can be realized, i.e. when and if the building is used to its full potential. For this to be possible, the building needs to meet potential and existing users' needs and expectations regarding attractiveness, productivity, efficiency and sustainability.

Coor assists you, in and around your buildings, in creating experiences that mean that your customers and employees want to spend time there, that the space promotes well-being and allows staff to optimize performance. We also help you to minimize the cost and environmental impact throughout the building's life cycle. As a provider of complete facility management solutions, we help you optimize your buildings over their entire life cycle. We call this concept SmartBuildings.

SmartBuildings start with users and their needs

SmartBuildings provide

  • A beneficial and healthy indoor climate
  • An attractive user experience
  • Good accessibility, functionality and security
  • Additional services that increase the value to the employees that work there


A positive and healthy indoor climate

The quality of the indoor climate has a significant impact on well-being and health. Research has shown that an improved indoor climate can increase productivity by up to 8-11%. This means that continuous measurement and analysis, and optimization of the indoor climate, are key to Coor's offering.

An attractive customer experience

Creating an attractive user experience requires more than just good building design and an attractive interior. Positive experiences are created and enhanced by well-managed external environments, effective cleaning and in particular the responsiveness of service staff. Our service design specialists help customize solutions that suit your needs, and we also deliver most services ourselves.

Good accessibility, functionality and security

SmartBuildings and associated services should be accessible whenever the user needs them, while also guaranteeing security, both from an access and health and safety perspective. SmartBuildings are also reliable, functional and efficient, both from a technical and logistics perspective. Coor helps you provide the full range of services, from operations to physical and technical security. We also take care of all logistics in the building, including mail reception and delivery, and preparation and serving of food and drink. Our complete solutions ensure that everything runs smoothly, and that nothing is left to chance.

Value added services for users

Most companies and public bodies are currently fighting over limited labor market resources. This means that the workplace has become an important tool for attracting and retaining the best staff.
Apart from the services associated with a building's communal areas, Coor is also able to tailor-make service packages for delivery in tenants' individual workspaces. These service packages can either be customized for each tenant, or packaged in standard bundles in collaboration with the customer. Some of these services may be included in the rental cost, while others are paid directly by individual tenants, or even employees. Packages can include everything from cleaning, food and drink, customer hosts and concierge services.

SmartBuildings are cost effective and minimize environmental impact

SmartBuildings ensure

  1. Cost-efficient operations, maintenance and investments
  2. Minimal environmental impact


Cost efficient operations, maintenance and investments

SmartBuildings are cost efficient from an overall perspective. Coor ensures the effective delivery of all the services we provide. We capitalize on synergies between services, and optimize the operational and maintenance plans of each building according to your needs, goals and conditions. We always focus on delivery quality, sustainability and customer satisfaction. With the help of new technology, we're now increasingly moving towards proactively working with condition-based and predictive maintenance.

Minimized environmental impact

A smart building minimizes the environmental impact on the basis of specific conditions and potential improvements. Coor is an expert in energy optimization and energy efficiency, and in addition to ISO 14001:2015 certification, we also use our own environmental labelling system Coor Green Services to evaluate and highlight environmentally friendly service delivery.

SmartBuildings are optimized throughout their life cycle

As a complete FM solutions provider, Coor has the unique ability to assist you in optimizing your buildings throughout their life cycle. Even if service delivery during the management phase is our primary focus, we also provide support at the planning stage and during production of new buildings. During this phase, we can influence a number of conditions that then provide the foundation for maximizing attractiveness, productivity, efficiency and sustainability during the management phase, particularly with regard to optimizing logistics flows, choice of surface materials and technical solutions. A key enabler for life cycle optimization is management of building information. Accordingly, Coor offers management of factors such as architect's plans, operating and maintenance documentation, and full-scale BIM models.

Coor has more than 750 highly skilled employees working on property solutions, and who are the strength behind the solutions we offer our customers. Read more about the services included in property service.