Sustainable and broad-based accountability

Sustainability implies meeting todays need without decreasing the possibility to do so in the future as well. Working with sustainability is the same as taking responsibility for the company’s business from a wider perspective - to take into account both short and long term consequences of decisions made today.

Coor assumes far-reaching responsibility for its own operations and the impact they have on all people, the environment and wider society in a longer-term perspective. Obviously, all operations are based on compliance with applicable legislation, but in many contexts, Coor assumes greater responsibility than this.

Sustainability Policy

The overarching ambition for Coor’s work with sustainability is expressed in a group-wide Sustainability Policy, working as a comprehensive agenda for the entire company. The Sustainability Policy includes health, safety, environmental and quality (HSEQ) issues.

Sustainability policy statement

Coor’s ambition is to continuously develop the business from a broad and long term perspective – to conduct a profitable and sound business today without compromising the opportunities to do so in the future. This means Coor strives to serve as a good corporate citizen, which not only takes responsibility for its own development, but also its impact on all people, the environment and society generally.

Coor’s sustainability work is conducted from a triple bottom line perspective, which considers business, social and environmental aspects: 

Read our Sustainability Policy in full here: Sustainability policy

Far-reaching responsibility that extends to suppliers

Coor also assumes responsibility for the services the company delivers through subcontractors, and accordingly sets high standards for them, as well as major suppliers. When entering supplier agreements, Coor evaluates its suppliers thoroughly based on their technical, financial and organizational capacity, and their overall delivery capacity. Coor also verifies that the subcontractor can satisfy Coor's environmental policy and its Code of Conduct. After the contract is signed Coor monitors that the deliveries fulfill the demands initially made prior to signing.