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What we do

Coor is one of the leading suppliers of facility management (FM) services in the Nordics. We have the broadest service offering available on the market and leading specialist competence in more than 100 service areas, which we continuously develop, improve and adapt to your needs.

Customized FM solutions

We are the largest integrated facility management provider in the Nordics. All our services are carried out on site, in and around our customers’ premises or properties. We offer individual or packaged services that are tailored to meet the needs of our customers and their employees. That makes us particularly well suited for customers with complex needs.

Smart solutions based on innovation and cutting-edge technology

We ensure continuous improvements of our service and FM delivery through a structured innovation process. Read more about our development work here.

We work with carefully selected technology partners to integrate automation and IoT in our offering. We are committed to offering the most cost-effective solutions for maintenance, security, productivity, service and sustainability. Read more about our digitally based service solutions and our SmartSolutions.

A sustainable FM partner

We have significant responsibilities for our operations and the impact they have on people and environment. As an employer, we must actively contribute to improved social progress. As a major provider of FM services, we must take continuous measures to protect the environment.

The potential for properties and workplaces to deliver significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions is huge. We recognize our responsibility, and have developed a proprietary environmental audit tool, Coor Green Services, that helps us engage in qualified customer dialogue about future improvements in the environmental sphere. Read more about Green Service solutions and our sustainability work.

A comprehensive facility management offering

We offer all the services required for a workplace or property to run smoothly and effectively. Our facility management services can be divided into seven larger service areas:

Property Services

FM services that optimize a property’s operating net and value from a life cycle perspective. Read more about our property services.


The best of both worlds: the professionalism and security of a large cleaning services company and the commitment of a local provider. Read more about our cleaning services.

Food and Beverages

The most advanced food and beverages service on the market. Read more about food and drink services.


We are a complete security services provider with an optimised balance between technology and staffing. Read more about our security services.

Office Services

Effective services for increased wellbeing and productivity in the workplace. Read more about our office services.

Conference Services

Personal conference services and centrally located conference facilities. Read more about conference services.

Telephony and Customer Services

Professional customer services and award-winning telephonist services for large and small companies. Read more about telephony and customer services here.