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We put our customers first

At Coor we have extensive experience of meeting our customers’ needs, whether it be a single service or complete service deliveries for properties and workplaces. Thanks to clear focus segments and experience of complex deliveries, Coor offers flexible and cost-efficient service deliveries tailored to the needs of our customers.

Customer Adaptation

Coor’s flexible delivery model allows us to create flexible, customer-specific solutions.

Service Focus

Service is at the heart of Coor’s offering. Our service packages, methods and processes allow us to tailor-make a wide range of services, delivered either by our skilled people or by automated solutions based on cutting-edge technology.

Cost efficiency

Coor’s knowledgeable team of specialists ensure cost-efficiency through synergies and proven best practices. We have documented experience of utilising economies- of-scale to achieve the highest quality of service for your investment.

Developing Delivery

At Coor we have a structured process for innovation and continuous improvement. In a relentless strive to develop our delivery, we harness the creativity and ideas of our employees and add technology.