Cleaning services 

Coor has the necessary resources and expertise to plan, organize, carry out and continuously improve a range of cleaning services. Our strength lies in the combination of the professionalism and responsibility of a large cleaning services provider, with the commitment of a local operator.

Smart, safe & sustainable cleaning services 

 A clean and inviting office surrounding offers a healthy, engaging and efficient working environment. This helps in creating a positive and lasting impression on both employees as well as prospective clients dropping by on company visits. Maintaining a clean and functional workspace is not an expense, but an investment that promotes employee motivation and productivity. Our professional experts are up-to-date about the latest cleaning and hygiene methods, materials, chemicals and technology. We pride ourselves on providing the best of both worlds to you: the combination of professionalism offered by a large cleaning service provider along with the commitment of a local operator.  

Professional cleaning services 

Cleaning services, along with food and beverages, are the two largest services in the workplace services segment. We are a leading operator in cleaning services with a complete service offering for a wide range of environments and spaces. Currently, we are responsible for the cleanliness and maintenance of around 10 million sq.m. for both small and large customer premises across various sectors. 

We offer a subscription service of daily cleaning along with specialist services such as window cleaning, floor care and deep cleaning. We have multiple experts in cleaning services both centrally and as part of our line organization. Some of the most common cleaning services we offer include:  

  • Regular cleaning of workplace premises 
  • Cleaning in highly-sensitive environments, such as hospitals and laboratories where special care is needed with regard to infection risk, security, integrity and more 
  • Specialized, tailored cleaning for specific spaces 
  • Professional window cleaning for different types of windows and facades for tall buildings, skyscrapers and towers 
  • Qualified floor care that includes cleaning and a wide range of floor treatments 
  • Special cleaning initiatives for specific occasions such as major clean-outs, relocation cleaning and cleaning at different heights 
  • Advice and recommendations relating to various types of entrance solutions 

With a passion for service

Everything we do is inspired by our passion for service and cleaning. We offer commercial cleaning services that are needed to ensure that workplaces, industrial facilities and properties are run in the smoothest way possible. 

Eco cleaning services

Certified & affordable cleaning services 

On the basis of our lengthy experience within various areas and from a range of different customers, we have developed uniformed working methods and routines that ensure the quality and efficiency of our services.  

For us at Coor, health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ) are key considerations. All our operations are certified according to the ISO 9001 and 14001 international environmental and quality standards, and we have extensive experience of working in compliance with the most common sector standards for cleaning.  

Trained janitorial cleaning services 

Since cleaning is largely carried out by people, we seek to ensure the commitment and well-being of our employees. We believe that a committed and engaged staff will naturally do a better job. When it comes to our staff, we ensure collective agreements, employee surveys and regular performance reviews that helps us provide a better and more professional cleaning service experience for you. We also provides extensive training programs that focus on service and customer interactions. Since 2017, Coor's cleaning operations have also provided a specialized cleaning training program, known as the Coor Cleaning Academy. 

Coor Cleaning Concept 

Our group-wide cleaning concept is a comprehensive approach to ensure that we always deliver reliable, innovative and quality-assured cleaning services, regardless of country of service delivery. It is based on standardized methods and cleaning programs, allowing it to be adapted to varying needs, conditions and customer segments and areas.   

The backbone of our cleaning concept is our proprietary methodology, Cleaning the Coor way, which consists of nine distinctive stages that are always included in all our cleaning assignments. It covers in detail how Coor handle our employees, management, measurement processes and latest development in the field. Here are the nine stages included in our cleaning concept:  

  • Personnel 
  • Cleaning areas 
  • Entrance solutions 
  • Floor cleaning 
  • Machinery 
  • Cleaning tools 
  • Cleaning products 
  • Washing machines 
  • Logistics 

Innovation in Cleaning 

We always strives to improve and innovate to be able to match and cater to your needs. We therefore closely monitor the latest trends and developments in the cleaning industry regarding cleaning methods, chemicals, materials, technical solutions and cleaning robots.   

Based on our observations, testing of new robots and use of modern technology to gather data about time required to complete various cleaning assignments, we then evolve and optimize our cleaning operations. This in turn allowing us to guarantee continuously cutting-edge cleaning applications for you and your workplace.