Innovative and custom-made food and beverage services

Coor is one of the Nordics' largest suppliers of food and beverages services. We provide complete and modern solutions, fully customized according to our customers' tastes and needs.

We offer a complete set of different food and beverage services to both big and small companies. The following services are included in our offering: 

  • Restaurants, cafeterias, cafés, coffee-shops 
  • Stores and delis 
  • Take-away services 
  • Beverages and fruit solutions 
  • Vending machines 
  • Conference catering and meeting snacks 
  • Function rooms and special events 

Healthy, sustainable, environmentally friendly. These are the cornerstones that creates the foundation of Coor’s food and beverage services.   

We offer some of the markets most developed and modern food and beverage solutions where we partner with some of the industry's best and biggest providers. With our long experience and wide knowledge of everything food and beverage related, we aim to deliver the best experiences based on our your needs and preferences. Our goal is to go above and beyond our your expectations and provide you with a customized food and beverage solutions, optimized with your company, staff, and visitors in mind. 

Our food and beverage solutions

Restaurants, cafeterias, cafés and coffee-shops 

We currently run over 140 staff restaurants and public lunch restaurants, as well as a large number of cafeterias and coffee-shops, making us one of the largest restaurant operators in the Nordic region. We serve around 10 million meals every year within our food and beverage establishments.  

Take-away services 

A lot of our restaurants also offer take-away services. You can find our restaurants, their contact info and menus here. 

Stores and deli solutions 

Introducing stores and delis solutions at the workplace is becoming increasingly more common. It adds value to the workplace and facilitates the staffs day-to-day life and could be one of the deciding factors in attracting new talent. We offer qualified advisory services regarding different stores and deli solutions, assortment and payment systems. 

Hot and cold beverages 

We are one of the biggest suppliers of hot and cold beverages and drink machines in the Nordics where we serve a total of around 100 million cups of coffee every year. We always keep up with the latest trends, findings and products to be able to provide a customized solution where we help you find machines and raw materials of the highest quality based on your needs and preferences. We help you with everything from suggestions regarding choice of machines and coffee types, financing and cleaning, to preemptive technical service and responsibility of error reports and corrective action. 


Fresh fruit is a delicious and above all, a healthy way to keep up one’s energy and productivity throughout the workday. Coor delivers around 1,500 tons of fruit annually to workplaces all throughout the Nordic region with the help of some of the market's leading fruit suppliers. 

Vending machines 

We offer vending machines based on your needs and preferences regarding items and payment methods. We assume total responsibility for stocking the vending machines, routine maintenance, technical support, corrective measures, and replacing faulty machines. By monitoring the latest products we can actively bring suggestions on what items are both of the highest quality and according to the latest trends. 

Conference catering and meeting snacks 

We offer catering for a wide range of events including, but not limited to, conferences, gala dinners, wine tasting and Christmas smorgasbord. We provide you with a total solution based on your needs and preferences where we help to provide food and a premise to hold the event. 

Function rooms and special events 

We offer flexible functions rooms in different sizes for special events such as banquets, parties etc, where we help you with food and drink. Our experienced and dedicated staff can create almost any mood possible and create the ideal event for your needs and wants. 

The FOOD by Coor Concept 

FOOD by Coor is a concept we founded which saturates all of our food and beverage services, establishments and personnel. We believe that food and beverages of all sorts should be a source of enjoyment, where it’s both delicious and healthy.   

The six cornerstones, also known as our customer promises, FOOD by Coor concept rests on include: 

Customer adaptation 

With a decentralized control model we allow our employees to take their own responsibility, because we believe responsibility breeds commitment. Our employees use their own creativity in their day-to-day work to come up with solutions and tailor the restaurant experience according to every individuals preferences.  

Food enjoyment 

Fresh ingredients, passion for cooking and a continuous strive to develop is Coor’s way of life. This ensures our food is of the highest quality where it’s both delicious and healthy. It’s simply the food you deserve. By continuously developing and changing our menus and dishes, every visit to one of our food and beverage establishments will be a new experience with real food enjoyment. 

Personal encounter 

To ensure that our food and service is of the highest quality, we ensure that our employees receive the best education on a regular basis through our concept “Start Quality Service”. It  helps our employees develop themselves as well as their work skills to provide the best service for you. 


With the help of our extensive knowledge of architecture and acoustics, in close collaboration with our customers, we strive to create harmonious restaurant environments with a modern and timeless visual expression within all of our restaurants. A place where everyone can enjoy food and beverages for every meal of the day.  


We continuously innovate and develop our food and beverage services to make sure we’re at the forefront of the market. With our experience and knowledge in logistics we can ensure both an efficient and enjoyable experience within one of our establishments. 


The central piece of Coor’s services is sustainability, in both regards to being economically beneficial to you, as well as lowering our environmental impact. We achieve this via central purchasing agreements, coordination of resources and genuine focus on environmental issues, such as our strong commitment to keeping our restaurants food waste to a minimum. 

FOOD by Coor restaurants 

We have developed and worked with food and beverage solutions for a long time, creating unique and tailor-made concepts to match your preferences. Our restaurants is a way for us to express our passion for both delicious food and sustainability. That is why all of our FOOD by Coor restaurants are a part of the Karma project, doing our part in reducing the amount of food waste. We’d recommend it to everyone to download the Karma app and order their food through them. It’s beneficial for you, us and the environment:  

  • You get to eat cheaper food and contribute to creating a better environment 
  • We, the companies, can maximize our resources and reduce the amount of food we waste 
  • The environmental pressure will be alleviated 

Restaurant Entré in Kista 

Quality over quantity is the core concept of Restaurant Entré in Kista. It’s a KRAV-certified restaurant where we go the extra mile to find locally grown ingredients. Whether you are looking for a place to host the company party, a place to have a business lunch at, or enjoy some after-work - restaurant Entré will not disappoint.  

It’s the first Coor restaurant in Sweden who have a “Green-ish” menu, combining proteins from meat, fish and birds, with for instance Swedish beans, peas and lentils. A smart choice for both planet and body.