Service for production units

Coor collaborates with a number of manufacturing industry operators for customized production services in cleaning, maintenance and logistics.

Customized production service

We customize our solutions on the basis of individual customer needs. Our goal is to deliver service that contributes to high accessibility and optimized utilization in our customers’ facilities. We achieve this by effective preventative, planned and corrective maintenance.

Factory cleaning

We carry out cleaning in factory environments. Examples include cleaning of ventilation systems, automatized floor cleaning in hallways and hard surfaces or cleaning at height.

Process cleaning

Cleaning in processes such as pressing plants, bodywork, paintwork, assembly and associated production equipment (cranes, robots, transporters, ventilation, fans, filters etc.).

Fleet management

We optimize our customers’ needs in terms of vehicle numbers and fleet size. We carry out preventative and corrective maintenance of trucks, trailers, stackers and loaders. We use proprietary workshops on our customers’ premises and carry out work off site using mobile fitters. Our partnerships with numerous truck manufacturers mean that we are independent of suppliers and flexible.

Process maintenance

We carry out preventative, planned and corrective maintenance of production equipment (AGV/carrier, transporters etc.). In addition, we can project manage and complete installations of equipment, and carry out and document inspections of equipment such as pallet racks, entrances etc.


We offer internal logistics services such as transport and flow optimization.

Waste management

We can sort and manage different types of waste from a majority of the various fractions a production unit produces. We continuously review the entire waste management process by examining and optimizing it on the basis of the fractions handled.

Production service characterized by commitment, safety and quality

Coor is a market leading service company characterized by a sharp customer focus, high service content and structured innovation work. Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) are central to Coor, and Coor systematically strives towards zero tolerance for workplace injuries.

With Coor as your collaboration partner, you will access a competent and secure service provider with advanced systems and methods. Our operations comply with environmental and quality certification under ISO standards. For a number of years, we have also developed proprietary systems and processes, but can also work in customer-specific maintenance systems. It's a given that our staff have the certification and training required to work in a production or sensitive environment.