Property management 

At Coor we manage and develop our customer's real estates and premises from an overall and long term perspective, where functionality, environmental considerations and finances interact, based on customer-specific wants and needs.

Efficient Property Management Services 

We are currently managing nearly 15 million sq.m. of real estate floor space and 5 million sq.m. of land, providing state of the art property services all over the Nordic region. 

We focus on innovation and efficiency to create the smart buildings and workplaces of tomorrow. With this goal in mind, we provide you with customized deliveries and agile solutions to ensure your building is cost-effective, sustainable, safe and functional. We provide services in the management phase, which include:  

  • Technical Management 
  • Energy Optimization and Rationalization 
  • Administrative and Financial Management 
  • Development Projects


With the increase in competition and competence, more companies are searching for services that can support their core business and make it flourish. To meet this demand, we strive to offer smart property management services that are scalable and adaptable to digitalization to make life and day-to-day activities easier for you, your staff and company as a whole.  

To ensure that the property is efficient now and maintains its value over time, we provide management assistance in the following areas listed below.  

Technical Management  

Our technical management includes the services inspection, care, remedial and scheduled maintenance of buildings and real-estate such as offices, manufacturing plants, schools, hospitals and shopping centers, including both on-call and call-out services. All the services provided by us follow the aim of being sustainable, value-adding and effective. With this philosophy, our technical management services use state-of-the-art technical solutions, like robots and Smart Drones, to ensure the best is delivered to you.  

Collaboration is key for us and we put a sharp focus on understanding the contract, your goals and needs, as well as the structure and condition of the facility, so we can produce management and maintenance plans quickly and effectively. Moreover, to ensure you can create management strategies and plans that work through real estate life-cycles, we also conduct regulatory end condition inspections.  

Energy Optimization and Rationalization 

With the assistance of our tried-and-tested methodology, we help you optimize your energy consumption, leading to both lower costs and less pressure on the environment.  

At Coor, we aim to create value in three dimensions; business, social and environmental. Which is why our property management services are essentially a combination of all three. We provide energy optimization of existing building with the use of new technology, such as our concept SmartEnergy™. 

We also offer advice, and assist you right from setting a vision and goals, to the execution of energy-conservation measures and final measurement. We aim to help you with not just cost reduction, but also reduce the environmental impact throughout the building’s lifespan, a concept we call SmartBuildings™.  

Administrative & Financial Management  

With our extensive local knowledge, we can provide you with services that can help with managing your administration and financial responsibilities. These include:  

  • Ongoing Accounting Administration  
  • Budgeting  
  • Measurement & Reporting  
  • Taxation  
  • Duties and Reporting to Regulators  
  • Lease Control Administration  
  • Contract Management with Landlords & Tenants  

We also provide fault reporting and maintain ongoing communication throughout the lease.  

Development Projects 

As an experienced property management company, we at Coor are experts at managing small and large scale development projects. Our services include tenant adaptations and installation projects in segments including electrical power, telecom, plumbing and sewage, ventilation, cooling, control and monitoring systems.    

We also partake in a series of PPPs (Public-Private Partnerships) and new construction projects. This allows us to set a high-quality standard for the building from the beginning. Moreover, thanks to our involvement in a series of PPPs in Sweden and Norway, Coor is one of the companies with the most experienced project management in the Nordic region.  

The ideal property services company 

Today’s consumers require services that match their business and needs. At Coor, we call this a service with IQ. Essentially, we strive to deliver a service that helps you save both time and money. 

Tailor-Made Solutions  

Coor’s success is based on the philosophy that we put our customers first. Hence, we customize our services to match your needs and requirements. Being an independent supplier, we have the option to be flexible in the selection of our collaboration partners, ensuring you get the best service.  

Strong Customer Relations  

We at Coor are proud to state that we have a high success rate when it comes to our customers renewing or extending their contracts. This is due to our absolute focus on developing and improving our services to add the maximum value for our customers.  

Moreover, we believe it is extremely important to adapt to the your changing requirements. Hence, we set up KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), which are monitored and updated regularly based on your requirements and satisfaction. Additionally, the surveys and dialogues we receive input from, helps us see how we can better improve and optimize our services for you. 

Smart Solutions  

Currently, with the boom in digitalization and advancements in technology, we have made use of all the latest trends to provide smart solutions for you. For example, with our drones, we can safely and effectively inspect chimneys, walls, and roofs of a building.  

Moreover, all of our smart solutions are scalable. Some examples are:  

  • Coor SmartResponse™ - Simple error reporting and issue tracking used for account management.
  • Coor SmartEnergy™ - With energy optimization at the sources of energy usage in buildings, it can lead to reducing the cost of energy bills by over 10 percent.

With the help of innovation and understanding our customers, we at Coor aim to deliver the industry’s best and smartest property management services to you.