Coor is one of the Nordic region's largest security companies. We have market-leading competences and extensive experience of solutions with high security specifications. Our high-quality service offering allows us to develop innovative security solutions that optimize the balance between staffing and technology.

Security company with unique expertise in technology and surveillance

Coor has market-leading expertise in security, and provides technology and surveillance services with proprietary staff.

We’ve created Coor Security Center to ensure high accessibility and effective contact paths for all matters relating to security. The center handles cases from 40 different countries around the clock, 365 days a year. The center ensures reliability through technical monitoring, and controls our customers’ security systems.

Coor’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Addici Security, is Sweden’s fourth largest security company. Our security guards, stewards and protection officers provide security and excellent service. Read more on Addici’s website

Coor’s project managers, technicians and security coordinators handle the installation, operation and testing of most security systems on the Nordic market. Our security coordinators frequently become the right-hand man of the local Security Manager, and a key part of our customers’ crisis management team.

Comprehensive service portfolio

Coor has a comprehensive offering in physical security. We have experience of some of the largest and most complex security installations in the Nordics. Our services include:

Access control and surveillance

We help our customers prevent and investigate crime by combining the latest technology in personal security services. We provide installation, operations and maintenance of access control and CCTV. A structured process for planned maintenance ensure predictability and cost control for our customers.

Access and reception solutions

Coor’s solutions in access security create high accessibility and are easy to use. We complement access control operations with remote access services, virtual receptions and automated ordering of access cards and other forms of authorization. Coor Security Center is open around the clock, 365 days of the year.

Surveillance and security

Coor’s security guards, stewards and protection officers ensure security with excellent service. Market-leading training programs and service, and collaboration with other Coor services also support our customers’ operations. We have collated our surveillance operations under the Addici banner. Find out more at

Fire protection

We help Coor’s customers to prevent fire, save lives and protect property in the event that the worst happens. We provide assistance with all aspects of systematic fire protection: risk analysis, organization of fire protection services, training, inspections and follow up. Our service technicians manage operations, maintenance and testing of fire alarms and fire extinguishers.

Security consulting

Our security coordinators often become the right-hand man of the Security Managers they work with, and are a key part of our customers’ crisis management organization. Our project managers assume total responsibility for security installations when relocating to new offices or when replacing existing security systems.

Security with a focus on service

Coor’s security solutions safeguard employees and protect properties. We have extensive experience of customers with demanding security requirements in banking, defense, aviation, infrastructure, manufacturing industry, offices and shopping malls. We capitalize on our experience and expertise to tailor-make the optimum solutions for each customer.

Coor always assumes functional responsibility for our service delivery. This means that the customer will get a cost-efficient solutions where modern technology complements carefully calibrated staffing levels. As a leading facility management company in the Nordics, we are also bold enough to claim that our security staff are world-leading in terms of service and responsiveness.

Today’s security solutions are largely built on smart technology, particularly in order to reduce personnel-intensive tasks such as administration and surveillance. We often also increase service levels and improve security, while lowering our customers’ costs.

Examples of unique, innovative solutions from Coor include:

Automated ID card management

Coors proprietary solution Coor SmartID automates the flow from ordering to production of ID cards. This makes the process faster, simpler and more accessible to employees. Advantages to the company include lower costs, reduced risk of error and full traceability. Find out more about Coor SmartID here.

Qualified data analysis and sensor technology

Qualified analysis of data collated from our security systems allows us to generate valuable insights for our customers. For example, utilization of premises can be optimized by obtaining information about staff numbers in individual locations, and monitoring how people move with the help of modern sensor technology. Read more about Coor SmartUtilization here.

Solutions for reception and access points

Virtual receptions, remote opening services and automatic card dispensing services offload or replace receptions. Visitors are provided with a professional, modern and accessible experience, while costs are also reduced.

Synergies with other FM services

There are many advantages of appointing Coor as your security partner, particularly for Coor’s existing customers. Our integrated facility management assignments offer significant potential for staff sharing, which creates cost efficient solutions for our customers. This may include monitoring the property’s technology during security guard rounds.

Another advantage of integrating security assignments with other services is that it generates short reporting times. By working with local staff on location rather than remote security experts, we are able to resolve many problems quickly.

Coor also provides all its integrated facility management staff with basic security services training. This may relate to informing customer staff and visitors about security regulations, or that we become an important link in the evacuation chain.