Postal and goods services

Post and goods are among the services Coor delivers most frequently and is one key segment where Coor has developed new and intelligent solutions. This function often includes administering, managing and distributing incoming and outgoing mail, packages and freight to and from our customers.

Coor SmartDelivery—mail solution for agile people

Coor SmartDelivery means the customer’s fixed costs are reduced because the number of collection points decreases, and service users get more individual options to determine how and which items they want delivered. Because all items are registered in the system, security also improves. SmartDelivery can also integrate into Coor’s freight tracking system, bringing full control and traceability to all incoming items end to end, right until the recipient has received the item and signed for it.

If you want to discuss how SmartDelivery can rationalize your postal service, just get in touch!