Business ethics and how to apply them

We have adopted a Code of Conduct which clearly defines our approach to ethical and moral issues, which applies Group wide.

Coor's code of conduct (the “Code of Conduct”) states that all staff must follow the laws that regulate our operations. It also sets out the principles for handling competition issues, conflicts of interest, the environment and work environment, working conditions, confidential information, gifts and perks in Coor's business relationships and our behavior towards clients and suppliers.

Coor's Code of Conduct states, among other things, that no member of staff is to be discriminated against on the basis of age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, political views or ethnicity.

The obvious starting-point is that no breaches of Coor’s Code of Conduct are permitted. To enable this, there must be general awareness of Code. Accordingly, all managers will review Coor's Code of Conduct with their staff yearly, who are then given the opportunity to read through it before signing it to confirm that they have understood the Code of Conduct and agree to comply with its principles. The Code of Conduct applies throughout the company and also covers Coor's major suppliers. The Code of Conduct is followed up annually with all members of staff as part of their performance appraisals.

The company also has a system which enables anyone working at Coor to report any suspected infringements of Coor's Code of Conduct.

A facility for reporting suspected non-compliance—whistleblower portal

A new whistleblower portal, a group-wide web service enabling employees to anonymously report suspected breaches of the Code of Conduct, was launched in 2016. This portal is maintained by an external provider, and is available in all the Nordic languages as well as English, Polish, German, Dutch, Estonian, French and Hungarian. Reports uploaded are encrypted, and then forwarded anonymously to Coor’s legal department, who will investigate all cases received.

Other parties that are not Coor employees, such as customers or suppliers, can also report suspected breaches of the Code of Conduct. 

The whistleblower portal is here: