Coor Awards

Coor Awards is an internal award, where employees who have distinguished themselves in various aspects are rewarded.

Coor Awards is divided into five categories, which reflect areas that are important to us at Coor and to our continued success: Employee of the year, Leader of the year, Sales of the year, Innovation of the year and Guardian angel of the year. A winning candidate is appointed in all countries Coor operate, and the final winner is announced at a grand ceremony at Coors annual management forum "Management Days".

Winners of Coor Awards 2019

  • Employee of the Year: Tarik Benali, Coor Norway
  • Leader of the Year: Ali Noke, Coor Sweden
  • Improvement of the Year: Camilla Rydeblad, Coor Sweden
  • Guardian Angel of the Year: Manuela Bartelsen, Coor Denmark
  • Sale of the Year: Ville Ervanko, Coor Finland