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Customized management training

The Coor Business School is a training program for all managers and senior specialists in the company.

Coor has wide-ranging operations, both in terms of the sectors we cover and our geographical spread. The training aims at creating a unitary approach to service and way of working as well as at clarifying what it means to be a manager at Coor. It also provides opportunities for knowledge exchange and networking within the company.

The content and format of the training is based on Coor's operations, both with regards to the examples and the exercises used. The Coor Business School was developed in-house and is entirely tailored to our operations.

Coor Business School – Basic education course

The Coor Business School offers a basic education course to all managers and specialists in the company. The 4 day course has been very well received by participants. Since the courses started in 2003, over 950 managers and specialists at Coor have taken the basic course.

Specialization training

The Coor Business School also offers a number of specialized courses within areas which are critical for good and stimulating leadership. The specialized courses are also designed specifically for Coor and for our service delivery. One example is the Coor Cleaning Academy, which is a training package for employees within the cleaning operation.