A collective safety attitude

At Coor, we have adopted a collective attitude that is the foundation of risk awareness: "Your safety is yours and mine responsibility".

Think before you act

Always conduct a risk analysis before starting an assignment. Some assignments involve greater risk, such as working at height, work with hazardous waste or chemicals, fire/heat, driving, etc. Ensure you know everything you need to perform these duties in a safe and secure manner.

Protect yourself

Always use the necessary protective clothing and equipment.


Always report your risk observations, as well as any incidents and accidents. This is how we learn from each other, and take the necessary action.

Take responsiblity

Remind each other of the importance of focusing on safety in day-to-day work. Also show care towards our customers and visitors by keeping them informed about the risks and safety routines.

We have adopted a collective safety attitude that helps us to realize our zero accident vision.

Mikael Karlsson, HSEQ Manager at Coor

Safety heart