Services at the forefront

We dare to claim that we deliver the service solutions of tomorrow. We possess leading specialist expertise in over 100 support services, which we develop and adapt to customer needs continuously.

The market’s broadest portfolio

Coor also has the market’s broadest-based services offering, possessing leading specialist competence in over 100 support services, divided into three service segments. Some of our special focuses include cleaning, property services, and food & beverage.

The market leading IFM provider

Service management means coordinated control and management of multiple support services on a structured basis. We possess long and well-documented experience — no facility management provider in the Nordics has as many integrated service management assignments as Coor.

Sustainable, smart solutions at the leading edge of progress

First and foremost, what makes Coor stand out from other service management providers is a strong drive to continuously improve our business and our delivery. We have a pronounced culture of improvement and a structured innovation process that stimulates us and assists in development work. One example is our proprietary and unique environmental accreditation tool, which helps us maintain a structured dialogue with customers on environmentally positive measures. Read more about Coor Green Services here.

We also try to take advantage of the new possibilites with new technology. Read more about our digital enhanced offering here. Our most popular solutions based on new technology are collated under the Smart Solutions umbrella, which you can read more about here.