Food and beverages

Coor is one of the largest food and beverage providers on the market. We deliver complete, contemporary solutions fully tailored to customer needs.

A source of happiness and enjoyment

We take responsibility for a portfolio of food and beverage services designed to offer our customers' employees and visitors easy access to food, drink, fruit, refreshments and snacks according to their wants and needs. The common feature of all our services is that we always focus on the complete experience—raw materials, preparation, exposure, packaging, serving, flows and the environment. Food and beverages should be a source of happiness and enjoyment—easy on the eye, and on the plate.

An array of well-developed services

We ensure that your staff and visitors get healthy, fresh and tasty meals in our restaurant and conference facilities, daily fruit deliveries and beverages at work, and access to vending machines with tailored ranges. We also have substantial experience of various activities and corporate events, where we take overall responsibility for a successful gathering. Our usual services are:

  • Restaurants
  • Cafes/coffee shops
  • Store and deli solutions
  • Conference catering, fruit baskets and special events
  • Coffee, water and vending machines

FOOD by Coor

We have produced a dedicated restaurant concept, FOOD by Coor, for the restaurants we operate ourselves. FOOD by Coor is a pledge of good service, well-prepared food made from good, approved raw materials, well-considered flows, an attractive environment and positive overall experience.

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