Safe, smart and sustainable cleaning

Coor has the resources and competence needed to plan, organize, execute and continuously develop any type of cleaning assignment. Today, we are one of the leading cleaning suppliers in the Nordic markets, with the ability to manage assignments for large corporations and small enterprises in all the Nordic countries - both in public and private sector.

Leading-edge cleaning solutions

Cleaning methods, technical aids, chemicals and materials are developing rapidly. Coor constantly monitors progress in all our major service segments. We have a structured process of innovation and development, which we run ourselves, or in collaboration with leading service specialists on the market. Coor is characterized by a strong culture of improvement, and our employees are encouraged to contribute with new ideas.

The right quality and the right execution

All our cleaning assignments are tailored to the specific standards each customer sets. For long, we have been carrying out cleaning in accordance to the Nordic cleaning standard INSTA 800. When starting new assignments, we consult with our client on the content of our delivery, and produce clear instructions based on our method cards to guarantee accurate execution. In most assignments, the cleaning deliveries are supported by an ERP system.

Smart cleaning is cost efficient and environmentally friendly.

Anette Lindgren, Contract Manager Cleaning, Coor Service Management

Coor Cleaning Concept

To ensure consistently high quality across all our cleaning deliveries, we have developed a proprietary cleaning concept, which defines how Coor approaches cleaning.

Knowledge sharing and commitment

We share new insights and experiences effectively through our Nordic cleaning network. This also helps us to continuously update our cleaning concept, which is a guaranatee for state-of-the-art cleaning performance.