Coor Cleaning Concept

Our ambition is always to be in the front of the industries development and turn innovations into benefits for our clients. As a step, Coor has developed a proprietary concept for cleaning: Coor Cleaning Concept. The concept takes a holistic approach to the service and therefore involves the deeper values that Coor wants the service to be guided by.

The Coor Cleaning Concept ensures that we deliver a reliable, innovative and quality assured cleaning service to our customers. The concept covers cleaning in all parts – how we deliver the cleaning service (tools, materials, hygiene, environment etc.), how we handle our employees, management, measurements and development.

In cleaning, the employees’ willingness, skills and energy are crucial to deliver a reliable and high quality cleaning service. To ensure the cleaning employees at Coor have the needed competencies and understanding for the concept, we have established Coor Cleaning Academy. The school has a range of classes corresponding to required new standards and need of knowledge. In addition, our employees are provided with state-of-the-art working tools. Providing our employees with good conditions ensures that the employees will make a good job.

Development and innovations are key to stay on top in the business of cleaning. In Coor Cleaning Concept networking, across contracts and countries, are therefore central. There are special forums meeting regularly where experts from all Nordic countries gathers. We learn from each other and gain knowledge to keep us in the forefront of the business.

Coors interpretation of a responsible and long-term approach is to combine a strong focus on economic development (growth and profitability) with a good attention to environmental and social challenges.