vending machine

Vending machines

Many of our customers want their people to be able to buy snacks, good food, drinks, and even OTC medicine from vending machines round-the-clock. Nutritious salads and sandwiches like gluten-free or Weight Watchers' options are especially popular right now.

Coor has substantial experience of a range of vending machines from the top manufacturers, and tailors ranges based on each customer’s individual needs.

We can take far-reaching responsibility for our customers’ vending machines. Here are some of the services we often deliver:

  • Proposals on the number and type of vending machine based on the customer’s specific needs
  • Financing vending machines on the customer’s premises
  • Ongoing top-ups of machines
  • Conducting regular scheduled maintenance
  • Responsibility for support and remedial maintenance measures
  • Replacing faulty machines

New payment solutions make life easier

Employees pay for the goods they buy from vending machines themselves. Apart from coin payment, we can also process bank, credit card or text payments. For those customers that want it, we can also enable employees to pay using their ID cards, either through advance cash top-ups or transfers from a debit card, or in arrears from salary deductions.

Coor is trying to make things easier for customers and offers different types of solutions based on customers’ differing needs. Contact us to start a dialogue on how various types of vending machines can make your employees’ lives better.