State-of-the-art security solutions

Coor has market-leading security expertise and vast experience of security solutions for various operations and environments with complex needs and stringent security standards. We optimize the balance between staffing and technology, creating optimal security solutions for our customers.

Balancing humans and technology

Contemporary security solutions are more about intelligent technology than previously, not least to reduce labor-intensive processes such as admin and surveillance. This means that security solutions now involve more management tools and automatic surveillance systems than physical locks, keys and guarding services. Coor has huge know-how and competence in the latest technology-based solutions.

Many of the market's current security players either offer technology solutions or staffing services. Unlike them, Coor assumes overall functional responsibility, which means we take responsibility for ensuring our customers gain an intelligent, optimized complete solution, with state-of-the-art technology in interplay with well-considered staffing.

Local synergies generate optimal solutions

For some time, security has been managed separately from other business support services, but nowadays, more players are choosing to embed security solutions and services in an integrated service solution. The reason is that substantial local synergies arise in an integrated approach, not least by minimizing unnecessary standby times and real estate technology inspections being executed during security patrols.

A comprehensive services portfolio

Because Coor has customers in a range of sectors, we have broad-based experience and valuable insight into different environments such as airports, banks, offices, logistics facilities, shopping centers and industrial plants.

We offer specialist consulting services and the management of contemporary security solutions. Our regular security services are:

  • Security technology
  • Physical guarding services
  • Access protection
  • Fire safety

Physical guarding services permissions

In all over the Nordics, Coor possesses permissions to conduct physical guardin services. In Sweden, this operation is excecuted under the sub-brand Addici Security. Find out more about Addici Security.

Coor SmartID

Coor SmartID is a fully integrated process for verifying authorization, and for ordering and producing ID cards. This is a fully automated process, which enables full traceability from order to delivery. It cuts manual processing and admin, which reduces costs and the risk of errors. The physical production of ID cards can be done in-house or by an external card factory. Read more about Coor SmartID.