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Green Services

To be able to address the needs of environmentally aware customers and make things easier for everyone that wants climate-friendly alternatives, Coor has developed a unique labelling system for environmentally friendly FM services—Coor Green Services.

Unique and comprehensive environmental labelling

The environmental work conducted to date in the FM sector has been highly fragmented, limited to single services or products. Coor is the first FM provider in the world to take an overall grasp of environmental issues and offer its customers environmental labelling that covers complete service provision and all FM services.

Two standards reflecting different levels of ambition

Environmental labelling is awarded in two standards: silver and gold. To achieve either, all the constituent services of a provision are evaluated from relevant environmental criteria, some of which are mandatory. To achieve the gold standard, operations must satisfy basically all criteria, while for silver, operations must satisfy all the mandatory criteria and over half of the others.

A dynamic tool

Achieving the gold standard is difficult but not impossible. The evaluation tool is dynamic, enabling criteria to be tailored to progress over time. By adjusting the criteria and levels yearly, environmental labelling will be a genuine guarantee for a high level of environmental ambition.

Want to find out more?

Existing Coor customers are always welcome to contact anyone who works for us. You can also contact Group Sustainability Manager Maria Ekman, phone: +46 (0)10 559 51 69. Questions from people who aren't Coor customers yet are also welcome.