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Green Services

To be able to address the needs of environmentally aware customers and make things easier for everyone that wants climate-friendly alternatives, Coor has developed a unique labelling system for environmentally friendly FM services—Coor Green Services.

Coor Green Services for Sustainable living | Coor

Roche has achieved platinum standard in Green Services

Roche is now one of three offices to have achieved platinum standard in the Coor Green Services environmental labelling system. Mahdi Adawi, Facility and Site Security Partner with Roche, talks about their sustainability work and success in being awarded the Green Services label.

Congratulations on achieving platinum standard in Green Services! How does it feel?

“It feels just insane! It really isn’t something that has simply dropped into our lap: it’s involved some hard work. Here at Roche, we have very high ambitions for sustainability, and I hope we inspire other companies to work in a more sustainable way.”

How has Green Services helped you in your work on sustainability?

“It would be easy to brag and say “I think sustainably”, but Green Services helps you see that there are always areas that can be improved. For instance, we have introduced foam wash in the toilets, as we realised that by doing so we could avoid using a whole lot of chemicals. It’s very valuable to be able to get help in identifying little things that can be improved,” says Mahdi.

“We have also moved to providing eco-friendly coffee and have purchased more source-sorting containers. Although we have been working on sustainability issues for a long time, it’s useful to get down to the small details. This is where Green Services has been a great help.”

What’s the next step for you?

“We can’t simply sit back and claim that we’ve done our bit. We have to keep challenging ourselves all the time. We will carry on reviewing the chemicals we use and the kinds of materials we have in the office, so as to minimise our carbon footprint. Of course, we will continue working with Green Services too.”

Want to find out more?

Existing Coor customers are always welcome to contact anyone who works for us. You can also contact Group Sustainability Manager Maria Ekman, +46 (0)10 559 51 69. Questions from people who aren't Coor customers yet are also welcome.