Governing sustainability

Coor has a dedicated Sustainability Committee that reports directly to the Executive Management Team (EMT). The Sustainability Committee co-ordinates matters relating to long-term sustainability, prepares proposals for policies, goals and general principles directing the sustainability work.

Because environmental and social issues are national, and on occasion, differ between countries with differing regulations and practice, responsibility for implementing operations lies within each country. However, to co-ordinate the work and ensure some consistency, there is a network for environmental issues and a network for social issues (part of the HR network). Managers of these networks report their issues to the Sustainability Committee. The Sustainability Committee also co-ordinates and monitors the group's environmental and social initiatives.

The principles of Coor´s sustainability governance

Sustainability governance model at Coor

Overarching framework

The starting point for Coor’s work with sustainability is a group-wide framework consisting of three key segments: an overarching sustainability policy, a collective Code of Conduct as well as group-wide values, Coor’s guiding stars.

Sustainability policy

Within the Coor Group there is a collective sustainability policy, describing essential principles for Coors work with sustainability and functioning as a framework for all operations.

Coor's Code of Conduct

Coor's group-wide Code of Conduct can be considered as a summary of the principles that define Coor's collective values. The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to clarify and reinforce ethical attitudes in the organisation.

All managers must review the Code of Conduct with their staff yearly, and each employee must confirm that they have understood and undertake to follow its principles in writing. Coor also has a dedicated system for how its employees
can anonymously report suspected breaches of its Code of Conduct. More information about Code of Conduct can be found here.

Culture and values

Coor's customers are active in differing sectors, in various sites and in different countries. They expect Coor to work consistently and provide the same high quality group wide. Accordingly, working actively from a shared corporate culture is an important task. The three guiding principles (our "guiding stars") that direct all staff in daily work are the foundation of Coor's corporate culture. These principles are based on the distinguishing features of a professional services provider. More information about our Guiding Stars can be found here.