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Coor Society Program

At Coor, we strongly believe in giving back to the societies where we operate. Coor Society Program aims to contribute to sustainable development by facilitating integration and supporting those that might need some extra help along the way.

Each country runs its own programs based on these aims, such as teaching language skills to newcomers, offering further education alongside employment at Coor and helping young people in deprived areas with their homework.

Homework support and mentoring

In Sweden, Coor has carried out fundraising initiatives and collaborations such as spinning and running events where the starting fee has been donated to charity, e.g. Kista Sports Club and Save the Children. We’ve also started a partnership with the Bling mentoring network, and Coor staff help young people with their homework in Kista library in partnership with the Red Cross.

Vocational qualifications at Coor

In Norway, Coor staff have the opportunity to study for a vocational qualification while working at Coor. At present, 20 Coor staff are completing apprenticeships in the fields of construction/property and industrial catering.

The Norwegian vocational qualification is based on a combination of academic study and apprenticeship in a specific profession. Training includes college studies and a practical element. After completing the apprenticeship, students are required to take a vocational test and are awarded an apprenticeship qualification if successful.

The Norwegian parliament has passed a bill that entitles catering and construction employees to study for this vocational qualification while remaining in paid employment.

Language training in Denmark

As an employer, Coor offers all its foreign employees language lessons. Good language skills facilitate integration and boost employee confidence. Danish language training association De Danske Sprogcenterer has partnered with Coor to provide language training to its employees.

In Finland, Coor is participating in a campaign promoting an open and non-discriminatory work culture, “Jobs don’t discriminate”.